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Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) in Mangalore

Blepharoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery. In this surgery, the doctor droopy eyelids. The process involves the removal of excess fat, muscle, and skin. How droopy eyelids develop? This condition develops with ageing. At an older age, the muscles supporting your eyelids become weak. Due to this, excess fat starts depositing above and below your eyelids.This causes sagging of eyebrows and droopy upper eyelids. This also interferes with your appearance by deteriorating it. Talking about the health effects, your side vision will be decreased.

The side vision is called peripheral vision. This can be corrected by eyelid surgery. If you are looking for the best clinic for eyelid surgery in Mangalore, we will be the right place for you. Flaunt Hair Transplant is the best clinic for hair transplant and cosmetic surgeries like eyelid surgery, facial rejuvenation, etc.

Blepharoplasty Procedure

We are listing here the steps of eyelid surgery:

Step 1. Anesthesia

This is the first step of every surgery. Before starting the blepharoplasty surgery, the surgeon gives you anesthesia. It is decided by the surgeon which type of anesthesia is to be given to you before starting the surgery.

Step 2. Incision

Now, after giving the anesthesia to the patient, the doctor starts marking the eyelids for incisions. Now, the doctor creates incisions and removes extra fat deposited on the eyelid.

Step 3. Closing the Incisions

After performing the surgery, the doctor closes all the incisions to end the surgery.

If you are looking for the best blepharoplasty surgeon in Mangalore, you can come to us. We are the best place to get cosmetic surgeries. We have a well-qualified team of surgeons and dermatologists. We bring the best results to the patients. If you want, you can view the eyelid surgery before and after images of patients. We have uploaded these images at our website. Talking about the recovery time, it will take from 1 to 3 months to recover after undergoing the blepharoplasty surgery. Coming to eyelid surgery cost, we have affordable rates of this surgery.

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