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Fat Grafting in Mangalore

Most people think that wrinkles are the most significant signs of ageing. Facial volume loss is also one of the major signs of ageing. Ageing decreases the appearance of a person. But there are many medical procedures through which the appearance of a person can be enhanced. These medical treatments include fat transfer to face surgery, botox treatment, dermal filler, etc. Flaunt Hair Transplant offers the best fat grafting in Mangalore. If you are searching for facial fat grafting in Mangalore, we will be the right place for you.

Fat Transfer to Face Procedure

Fat transfer to face surgery or fat injections is the procedure, used to fill the irregularities of a person’s face. The doctor uses the person’s own fat to fill the irregularities. In this procedure, the doctor takes fat from the different parts of the body, especially from the abdomen or inner thighs. The procedure for extracting this fat is liposculpture. The doctor injects this extracted fat to the face areas where it is needed. This is how the fat grafting to face is performed.

Fat Grafting Face Cost

We are one of the renowned clinics for fat transfer to face surgery. We have experienced staff of dermatologists and surgeons. Our surgeons have done more than 1000 surgeries and each of those surgeries brought the best results to the patients. The cost of fat injection surgery is affordable at our clinic. We also do not take the wrong amount from the patients. These things make us the right clinic for the best fat grafting in Mangalore.