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Breast Lift in Mangalore

Mastopexy is another name for a breast lift. Women with underdeveloped breasts can undergo this surgery. This surgery helps women get developed breasts. In this surgery, the surgeon lifts the breast by repositioning the nipple higher on the chest wall. How do you know whether mastopexy surgery helps you or not? Simply place a pencil under your breasts and see whether the pencil stays there or not. If the pencil stays there, mastopexy surgery is a good option for you. If you are looking for the best breast lift surgery in Mangalore, you can visit our clinic. We at Flaunt Hair Transplant offer the best mastopexy surgery in Mangalore.

Breast Lift Procedure

First, the surgeon marks the proper position to reshape your breasts. This mark determines the final position of your nipple. After that, he will take you to the operation theatre. there, you will get local anesthesia or another anesthesia as prescribed by the anesthesiologist. After this, the surgeon will lift your breast tissue up by removing the extra skin from your breasts. If there is a need for breast implants, the doctor will insert them and close the cut by bandaging your breasts. After the mastopexy surgery, you will face tiny drains from your breasts for up to 24 to 48 hours. This is the entire procedure of mastopexy or mastopexy surgery. Talking about the recovery time, it generally takes from 6 to 12 weeks for breasts to achieve the final shape.

Breast Lift Cost

We are among the reputed clinics for breast lift surgery in Mangalore. We have done surgeries in the same domain. We have experienced and highly qualified doctors and surgeons. That’s why we have a high success rate. Each of our surgeries has brought up the best results to the patients.