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Breast Augmentation (Breast Implant ) in Mangalore

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure for women having underdeveloped breasts. The breast implant is another name for breast augmentation. Flaunt Hair Transplant is one of the reputed clinics for breast augmentation surgery in Mangalore. The main motive of this surgery is breast enlargement.

Causes of Underdeveloped Breasts

There are many causes of underdeveloped breasts. We are listing here the most common causes for the condition:

1. Genetics: This is one of the most common causes of underdeveloped breasts in women. These issues are present from birth. If someone in the family of the patient has underdeveloped, it may be possible that the patient also has underdeveloped breasts.
2. Lifestyle: The women who are already underdeveloped have a high risk of shrinking their breasts after pregnancy.
3. Body alignment: It is the major factor for getting a perfect breast symmetry. In a properly aligned body, fat is equally distributed for deposition. This gives women the perfect shape of the breasts.

Underdeveloped Breasts Treatment

Breast implant surgery is the method of curing the underdeveloped breast illness. The breast implant is the most effective treatment for the underdeveloped breasts. Both asymmetrical and symmetrical underdeveloped breasts can be addressed by this surgical method. To cure the symmetrical underdeveloped beasts, the doctor uses the implants of the same size. On the other hand, for the asymmetrical breasts, the doctor uses the implants of different sizes. In some cases, the breast augmentation can be combined with other breasts treatments like breast lift to give the best results to the patients.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost

Due to the transparent services and the best surgical results, we, Flaunt Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgery, are ranked among the best clinics for breast augmentation surgery in Mangalore. Cost is the main concern of all the customers. Also, we know that the budget of all the customers is not the same. That’s why we bring all the surgeries at affordable prices.