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Botox Treatment in Mangalore

Botox treatment is a cosmetic surgery which helps to reduce wrinkles and other signs of ageing. In this treatment, the doctor uses botox injections. Botox injection is a type of medical equipment which relaxes the muscles of the face. How does it relax the muscles of the face? The answer is “By paralysing the muscles temporarily”. This helps reduce facial wrinkles. If you are looking for the best botox treatment in Mangalore, you can visit Flaunt Hair Transplant.

Botox Procedure

Botox injection is used in this treatment. These injections are designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles from the face. Besides botox treatment, there are many uses of these injections:
1. Treating neck spasms,
2. For the treatment of excessive sweating,
3. To treat overactive bladder.
4. In the treatment of the lazy eye.
5. In the prevention of chronic migraines.

The botox injections have a toxin called OnabotulinumtoxinA. When the doctor injects this toxin in the skin with the help of botox injection, it temporarily paralyses the skin muscles. This helps remove wrinkles. This is how botox face treatment is done.

Botox Face Slimming Precautions

We are listing here the points which you should take care of before and after the botox surgical treatment.

Before Botox Surgical Treatment

1. Please remove all your makeup.
2. Please clean the treatment area properly.
3. If you are taking any types of blood thinners, this may cause complications. Therefore, we suggest you discontinue the use of these blood thinners.

Aftercare Instructions

1. Exercise your face gently.
2. Try to maintain normal heart rate. We suggest you to avoid work which requires more energy because such types of work increase the heart beat.
3. Please do not run and touch the treated area.
4. We also advise you to discontinue the use of skin cosmetics for some time.
5. We strongly prohibit alcohol.
6. We also suggest you protect your skin from direct sunlight.

Botox Treatment Cost

The cost of treatment at our clinic is affordable for all the customers. We also have transparency in our clinic. We always take the right amount from the patients. We believe in developing long-term relations with the patients and not in making money only. For the results, you can view the botox face before after images of patients that we have uploaded on our website. We are the best clinic for botox treatment in Mangalore. Our cosmetic treatment also includes face filler treatment.