Botox Treatment: Procedure and side-effects

Botox treatment is a type of cosmetic surgery that is done to enhance the appearance of a person. As we grow old, wrinkles start developing on our face. These wrinkles are the indicators of ageing. Botox treatment hides these signs of ageing. This is how treatment enhances a person’s appearance. If you are looking for the best botox treatment clinic in Mangalore, you can visit us. We are one of the leading botox treatment clinics.

What is Botox Cosmetic?

Botox cosmetic is an injectable used in botox cosmetic surgery. This injectable is also known as the muscle relaxer because when a doctor injects botox in the skin of a person, it temporarily paralyzes his skin. This injector contains a toxin, named OnabotulinumtoxinA.

Botox Treatment Procedure

The science behind the wrinkle formation of the contraction of the skin. In botox treatment, the doctor first applies a numbing gel on the face of the patient. Due to the application of the numbing gel, the patient does not feel the injections. When these injections are inserted, they relax the skin muscles. Due to this, the wrinkles disappear. This is the entire procedure of botox treatment.

Botox Treatment: Risk or Side-effects

Though the treatment is done by experienced surgeons, there is no guarantee that the patient does not get its side-effects. In some cases, patients may face the side-effects of this treatment. Following are the possible side-effects:

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